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New World Order’s Communist coup

January 9, 2010

America has been taken over by a world – wide Communist coup. They now have control of our America by owning the White House, the Senate, the House of representatives, most Federal Courts, and apparently all major media outlets. This took place right in front of our eyes and like the elephant in the room most people refuse to see (or smell) this filthy animal. We have a foreigner sleeping in our White House. Our Senators and Congressmen are on the fast track to throw away our Republic and turn our America into a Communist slave state. They are taking Government control of major private enterprises and implementing Communist health care. All the while the MSM refuse to report any of this in its true light. How they managed to do this is with billions of foreign dollars and threats and favors to those Evil politicians that are selling us out. We have never in our history been this close to losing our great Republic. It is time to stand up and be heard! Will you join the fight?